पटना से समाचार

भागलपुर से समाचार

Sunehari Dastaan, Bihar Ki Bhoomi Se

A documentary on Bihar by Prakash Jha. 
Directed By Alankrita Shrivastava
Produced By Prakash Jha

"Sunehare Dastaan..Bihar ki Bhoomi se" provides a glimpse into the vast and rich,cultural and revolutionary heritage of Bihar. Mustard fields,foggy skies,notes of music,strokes of the brush...A land of rivers,seeped in ideas of revolution and empire.Buddhist chants,ancient temples,white robes,melodious hymns..Stories of women,forgotten tales of artisans,memories of musicians in hovels and royal courts...Journeys,stories,myths,fables, legends...Many golden tales are strung together to tell the story of Bihar. 

Hinduism Vs Islam

Hinduism and Islam are two of the world’s biggest religions. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and similarities between the 2 religions.

Hinduism Facts

For those interesting in Hinduism, here are some very fascinating facts on the religion. Hinduism plays a major role not just in Bihar but all over India. So here are some facts on the Hindu religion.

Interesting facts about India

Here are some interesting facts about India. Some of these facts are quite amazing and even those who are Indians might not even know about them. For example, did you know that Hindi is one of the many official languages of India and not the national. India do not have any national language.
To find out more about these amazing facts about India, listen to the video below. Make sure you have your speakers on to hear me speak.

Cheating in exams in Bihar

Parental guidance, Bihar style. Parents help class 10 students in large-scale cheating. Something like this is unbelievable.

Caves and hills of Rajgir of Buddhist significance

Buddha lived in many of the caves in the hills surrounding Ragjir which was once the capital of Magadha. Bimisara was the king then. The first Buddhist Council was held in one of the caves. Lets take a look at some of these hills and caves of Rajgir where Buddha lived and preached.

Bimbisara's jail
Bimbisara's jail "Bimbisarajail" by myself - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Do you like chicken curry?

This is how we like our chicken. These waiting chickens have seen it all - all their friends and family killed. Can you see fear in their eyes? This is the way chicken in Patna or rest of the country is sold. You go to the shop and choose a chicken, the butcher drags it out of the cage, cuts of the neck and places it in a drum till it stops twitching and then cuts it into small pieces according to your taste. Enjoy your curry!

meat in india
Chicken in Patna: Source