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Inviting people to write on YouBihar

Those interested in writing about Bihar or just simply speaking their mind are invited to join this site. The way it will be done is that I will send you an invite via the blog's admin panel and you will be able to login and contribute. Please send me your Gmail address to bihar123@gmail.com and I will send you an invite. I have also mentioned this on the website's Facebook group here.
Please note: Anything you write will be subject to review. Any appropriate content will be deleted.

Yakshini at the Patna Museum. Image by Diego Molla

Girl performing street tricks in Bodh Gaya

Here's an interesting photo of a girl doing some street tricks in the holy city of Bodh Gaya. You will find such tricks being done by kids not just in Bihar but around whole of India.
Girl performing street tricks
Girl performing street tricks in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. Image by zippaparazza!

India For Kids: Amazing Facts About India

Those of you who are following me would know that one of my books called " India For Kids: Amazing Facts About India" is available to buy on Amazon. This book has been written for children and covers most aspects of India from India's geography to Indian culture and religions. The book can be read by children of reading age of all nationalities - Indian or foreign. It will be particularly useful those who are working towards a project related to India. In addition, it will be useful to those who are travelling to India and wanted to polish up their knowledge about the country.

Bihar Social Networking Facebook Group

I have created another Bihar Social Networking Group for the people of Bihar. It is clear that the original Bihar Social Networking site has changed. It is better to be with Facebook for the time being as most of us are there and there are more scope for us to grow - hence the change. The website YouBihar is strong as ever before and will remain to grow as an information site for Bihar. But as for social networking for Bihar, we have decided to grow where most Bihari people has their account which is Facebook. There is no denying that, it is there that most people are choosing to spend their time. So why not join and take part in the ever green discussion on Bihar and the things that go on in Bihar.
 Bihar Social Networking

Taregna town in Bihar

Taregna is a small town in Bihar that is considered to be one of the best places to see eclipses. Another interesting fact about Taregna is that, there is a small shrine kind of structure dedicated to Aryabhatta the Indian mathematician. It is considered by some that it is here that Aryabhatta was born and lived. In fact, Aryabhatta was the head of mathematics and astronomy at the ancient Nalanda University.
Photo by Ujjwal Kumar

Munger town of Bihar

If you thought that no one wanted to visit the sleepy town of Munger in Bihar then you are mistaken. Every now and then foreign visitors do visit Munger. Here's an excellent video to prove just that Munger is not just another town in Bihar.

Change of face for YouBihar

Just like all good things come to an end, similarly we have decided to use YouBihar.com popularly known as The Bihar Social Networking Site as a blog on Bihar. YouBihar.com will remain as a social networking site in many ways and anyone who wishes to engage can still comment and take part in the discussion on this website and also on the site's FaceBook page. So YouBihar as a social networking site for the people of Bihar is still alive and kicking but in a different form. Join the YOUBIHAR Facebook group page here.
Thank you...Shalu Sharma