Footage of parents scaling school walls to throw cheat notes inside

Parents and friends of students of schools in East India have been caught on camera scaling school walls to throw cheat notes inside. The video was captured in the Hajipur district and shows desperate members of the public climbing up to three storeys high in order to help those inside who are sitting exams. However if caught, the pupils can be expelled, fined or even jailed, according to Bihar School Examination Board Secretary Sriniwas Tiwari.

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The chai wallahs of India

Ganesh, a chai wallah at the railway station in Patna in Bihar state, brews one of his last pots of the night. Many Indians associate rail travel with the cries of "chai, chai," from tea sellers carrying kettles along trains and platforms. Ganesh has memorised the local timetable and often gives travellers directions as well as a cup of chai.

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