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Best Selling Cars in Bihar – Huge Demand

Bihar a north Indian state has been lagging behind most of the other states in India in terms of growth and economy. While the other states rushed ahead and embraced changes, Bihar took its own sweet time to join the development bandwagon. As the focus shifted towards development of infrastructure and other facilities, more and more people started buying cars in Bihar. Although it might sound strange to know, the improved law and order conditions too helped in the growth of demand for cars in the state. This is because compared to early years, the rate of kidnapping, extortion and other vices has come down, and people are now not afraid to buy cars. Thus, the state benefitted from better governance in many ways and the automobile industry too had reaped the benefits of the same.
Like the other parts of India, Bihar also has a preferential pattern when it comes to cars. Here is a look at some of the best selling cars in Bihar:

Mahindra Bolero – The Bolero is a sturdy SUV that seem to be a favourite among the car buyers of Bihar. One of the reasons for this preference could be that the Bolero can easily navigate through all kinds of tough terrains. As the roads and other infrastructure are not yet very good, using a sturdy car like this makes a lot of sense. A rough and tough SUV, the Bolero is able to perform well even under adverse conditions. Mahindra Scorpio, another best selling SUV from Mahindra also enjoys great demand in Bihar for the same reason.

Maruti Celerio – When Maruti introduced the Celerio last year, it found a lot of demand in various parts of the country. The AMT technology of the Celerio found many takers in Bihar too. Accordingly, the car was sold in great numbers in this state, following high demand for it. Likewise, other small cars from Maruti like Alto K10 and Swift also find great demand in Bihar. They are also among the best selling cars in the state.

Maruti Celerio
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Toyota Innova – The Innova is perhaps one of the cars that find huge demand all across India. This MPV enjoys great demand in the state of Bihar too. Very spacious and comfortable, the Innova is a super performer that can navigate through all kinds of terrains. A good car to travel with the family, Innova is one of the most preferred cars in the state.
Apart from these cars, there are many other best selling cars in Bihar. The preferences of the buyers change according to the time and availability of resources at their disposal. Hence, one can see that in big towns like Patna, the best selling cars include premium cars as well.

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Sunehari Dastaan, Bihar Ki Bhoomi Se

A documentary on Bihar by Prakash Jha. 
Directed By Alankrita Shrivastava
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"Sunehare Dastaan..Bihar ki Bhoomi se" provides a glimpse into the vast and rich,cultural and revolutionary heritage of Bihar. Mustard fields,foggy skies,notes of music,strokes of the brush...A land of rivers,seeped in ideas of revolution and empire.Buddhist chants,ancient temples,white robes,melodious hymns..Stories of women,forgotten tales of artisans,memories of musicians in hovels and royal courts...Journeys,stories,myths,fables, legends...Many golden tales are strung together to tell the story of Bihar. 

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