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According to reports, car sales in India have increased by 18% in April. This is supposed to be the fastest rate of growth in 30 months. With improved consumer services, innovative technologies, new models and favourable fuel prices, the automobile sector is on a roll.

In spite of being an economically and socially disadvantaged state, Bihar has registered remarkable growth in the automobile sector in the past couple of years. According to the data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the number of registered vehicles increased to 5.54 lakh in the year 2013-2014 as against 2.20 lakh in 2008-2009. That is almost a 50% increase in 5 years. The first six months of 2014-2015 saw around 2.96 lakh new vehicles being registered in the state of Bihar. The increasing vehicles sales indicate the state’s economy has improved leading to cash flow in Bihar.

The higher demand for cars in 2013-2014 has set a record compared to the last year's figures. There is a demand for the luxury cars as well. Improvement of the law and order situation in Bihar has changed the economic environment for the better. Earlier, vehicle owners in Bihar were under the threat of extortion and kidnapping. Small cars and hatchbacks have always been in demand because of traffic congestion. These cars can be easily parked anywhere and have easy manoeuvrability. Maruti Suzuki's Alto models were the most booked car across the state of Bihar. Many leading national as well as foreign companies, including General Motors, Hyundai Motors and Ford India, have opened up their showrooms in Bihar.

From other Automobile car news Bihar, an exhibition showcasing vintage and classic cars came as a great experience for a large number city's car aficionados. Organized to mark the International Museum Day, the exhibition at the Shrikrishna Science Centre in Patna was inaugurated by Ashok Kumar Sinha, president, Bihar Motors Sports Club in Patna, a car collector himself.
The love for vintage cars was clearly visible as both old and young were seen posing in front of the many cars. The exhibition was a success as it gave the opportunity to everyone to have a close look at many a vintage car.

Some of the cars on show were - Austin 1946, Morris Minor 1953, Mercedes-Benz 190 D, Mercedes-Benz 300 D, Lincoln Mercury 1948, Mercedes-Benz 250D, a Willy’s Jeep and a Military Jeep used in World War II, Wolseley Hornet 1934, Chevrolet Deluxe 1949 and Mercedes 1980. A main attraction was a Mercedes-Benz of 1954, which was gifted to Hathwa Maharaj by the first President of India, Rajendra Prasad. Most of the models are owned by avid car lovers and patrons of the Bihar Motors Sports Club in Patna.

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