YouBihar is a Bihar related online community and a forum (now on FaceBook). Here you can meet and make new friends, take part in discussions, join groups, listen to music, read Bihar news and most importantly interact with other Biharis. You can also chat live with members from all over the world. You can also create, customise and share your own “My page”. The site is also open to non-Biharis with connections with Bihar or those who love Bihar or for those who simply wants to join in.

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If you wish to join YouBihar please visit the sign up page. To register, please add real name, photo, and some profile info.  If you wish to know more ask please email us on YouBihar@gmail.com Purpose of YouBihar:

YouBihar is dedicated to Bihari views, issues and history of Bihar. The purpose of YouBihar is to communicate with people in and outside Bihar, to facilitate easy access to her glorious heritage; and to track Bihari issues. This site as a Bihar social network is dedicated to Bihar’s supreme past and to addresses today’s Bihari issues. Please sign up and take part in the discussions on Bihar. Books, resources, websites and information on Bihar is in short supply especially in the English Language is indicative that little attempt has been made to write about the glorious associations of ancient Bihar. The aims of this website is to bring the people of Bihar together, to remove the “backward” label from the state and increase awareness, development, pride and confidence among Bihar’s citizens.

Why an online forum on Bihar:

We did not find any dedicated forum specific to Bihar. Therefore a platform had to be raised where the needs of Bihar could be voiced. Currently we are on a mission to bring Biharis on a discussion platform and hence the formation of YouBihar.com.

Our humble mission:

Our mission is to bring the people of Bihar (or anyone with concerns about Bihar) together and start building Bihar towards a modern state; a state where we will have jobs, security and productivity. Our request to you all:

The aims of YouBihar are clear; to get the people of Bihar together irrespective of caste, religious beliefs or political views. Our aims are simple and that is to get the people of Bihar and anyone for that matter to talk about issues facing Bihar. Some of these issues are definitely political in the sense that it has been politically neglected. Years of misrule has completely destroyed this great state that is Bihar. But at the same time we cannot blame the politicians as it is us that have put them in power election after election. Many Biharis prefer to live outside Bihar as there are hardly any opportunities at least in job prospects. Bihar despite being hard working and armed with education we still prefer to pack our bags and leave for greener pastures. YouBihar strives to connect people of Bihar all over the globe and hence the online community of Biharis.

Can Bihar be changed?

Can Bihar become a great place to live without fear with jobs and security? We urge the great people of Bihar to join us and discuss the things that plague our motherland Bihar. Yes we can change Bihar. Voice your concerns about Bihar:

Please join our effort to bring the people of Bihar Together. Join YouBihar. How to contribute:

If for whatever reason; you do not wish to join this site, you can however send your articles, photos, feedback, concerns or write to us on YouBihar@gmail.com