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In Bihar is situated Bodh Gaya, where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. There's also Rajgir where Lord Buddha spent many years for meditating. And there's also Nalanda, where existed one of the most ancient universities of the world which used to be the dream destination for distinguished people, religious leaders and astronomers from across the globe.

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Indeed, the state offers to tourists a varied wealth of Indian civilisation,history and culture coupled with exquisite scenic beauties and wildlife. Within its precinct is also located Vaishali, the first republic in the world.

Bihar has been recognised as a cradle of movementsbe it in the field of art, culture,religion, literature or human rights.Apostles of peace Lord Buddha,Lord Mahavir,Guru Gobind Singh and Mahatma Gandhi have all significant connections to this land.

It is the land on which the earliest seeds of democracy took roots. In the preachings of Lord Buddha, man found answers to the woes and sufferings of the humanity at the hands of time, tyranny and violence. People embraced Buddhism and the holiest sermon, Buddham Sharanam Gachchhami,reached beyond the boundaries of our country.

Bodh Gaya is revered by Buddhists as the place where Prince Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment to become Lord Buddha. Located 91 km south of Pataliputra, it was part of the ancient kingdom of Magadh. There is archaeological evidence of occupation in the area as far backas 1100 BC.

During the sixth century BC, Prince Siddhartha had been wandering, seeking the meaning of life for six years before he came to the area.Sitting down under a peepal tree,he vowed to remain there in meditation until heattained enlightenment.

Emperor Ashoka built a shrine here in the third century BC to commemorate the event. The present Mahabodhi Temple is believed to have been built between the fifth and seventh centuries BC. Repairs and renovations were later done as and when needed. Built upon a 15-metre or 49-ft square base, pyramid rises 52 metres or 170ft and is built entirely of bricks.Tower shown each of the structure's four cornersriseto the same height.

Inside the temple, there is a gigantic black stone statue of Buddha which is believed to be around 1700 years old. He is shown seated with his right hand upon the earth,the posture he held while attaining enlightenment. Till date,the Mahabodhi Temple remains an important pilgrimage destination and has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The present Bodhi tree stands behind the Mahabodhi Temple and is at least the fourth descendant of the original one under which prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment.

Scores of stupas of varying sizes were built at Bodh Gaya over the past 2500 years,most of which are noted for their elegant construction and ornamental relief carvings. There are other Sacred Spots nearby such as the Vajrasana or Diamond Throne, a red sandstone seat under the Bodhi tree which marks the spot where Lord Buddha sat; the Animesh Lochana,where he sat during the first week after his enlightenment to gaze at the sacred tree; and the Jewel Walk which is decorated with eighteen carved lotuses, where Buddha paced during the second weekafter his enlightenment.